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Shannon Loar-Coté

Owner and Agent of HGM

(Hello Gorgeous Models)


Shannon Loar-Coté is a model, trained actress, art director

and award winning makeup artist.

"My Models are like an extended family. Their success is my success. Beauty has a lot to do with the character of the person. What's inside shines outward and is reflected in a photograph. My selections are based on elegance, beauty and integrity. Hello Gorgeous!" 

As a makeup artist and art director, Shannon worked with models on sets and in fashion shows and events she produced around Santa Barbara. Loar-Coté conceived the idea of opening an agency when these ladies began to rely on her to connect them to reputable photographers and began referring to her as their “agent”. Loar-Coté acquired a California Talent Agency License and launched Hello Gorgeous Models in 2013.

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